Time Management and Social Media

Time management is a work in progress for most of us. In my opinion, the presence of the internet and social media demands a more conscious and disciplined approach to time management.

Let’s ask ourselves a question related to the time we spend on social media:

Why do you use social media?

Maybe the answer is different for each of the various platforms. My answers are as follows:

Instagram: I enjoy the beautiful images and inspiring messages that I find on Instagram. I also use it to share inspiring or “share-worthy” aspects of my own life and creativity.

Facebook: Currently, I use Facebook about 20% for events, 50% to get updates from others on their lives, and 30% miscellaneous (which is probably distraction, ads, etc. This “miscellaneous" category is not my most intentional use of the platform).

Twitter: I use this platform only intermittently. I don’t spend a significant amount of time on Twitter.

Pinterest: I use Pinterest for brainstorming, recipes, vision boarding, goal visioning, and finding craft projects to make.

If it’s helpful, maybe you will want to consider why you use various social media platforms. Having this awareness can help you to be more intentional with your time.

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