Seniors: Get It Done.

I have been encouraging high school seniors to make calendars for themselves for writing remaining essays. The best essays that admissions officers will read will not be written at the last minute.

Maybe you don't want to hit "submit" on anymore applications until you have heard from the college to which you applied under an Early Action or Early Decision policy -- that is up to you and your parents and school counselor. Regardless, I highly recommend that you draft remaining essays this month, starting now.

So, in Google Drive, create a spreadsheet with the following columns (I made an example for you, below). Remember, YOU are responsible for completing and submitting applications by the relevant deadlines -- do not rely on my chart below.


Week of: Which Colleges' Essays I Will Draft

12/4/17 Carnegie Mellon

12/11/17 UVA

12/18/17 Emory

12/25/17 Bucknell

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