What makes you a unicorn?

November 16, 2017

As students approach the college admissions process, I find the unicorn question to be a helpful one. 


The question could be rephrased as "What do you excel in?" But, I'd rather rephrase it as "What do you value? Are your values apparent in your life?" 


I prefer the second translation because in order to reach a level of excellence in an endeavor or realm of life, one must maintain some consistent core values. 


Ethan Sawyer's "Values Exercise" is a helpful one for teens (and perhaps adults also). Here is a link to that exercise.


And then, what do your friends and family admire about you? The answer to this question likely ties back into your values -- but it is another way of assessing some of your core values. 


Food for thought. I'll be thinking of my unicorn qualities also!








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