Dream Big: A high school junior pursues her goals and advocates for herself

One of the first articles that caught my eye in today's Pittsburgh Post Gazette was this article by Brianna Stephans. In the article, Brianna makes many great points. Here are three:

1. Brianna described hearing her mom tell others that she was autistic when she was young. She said that she didn't care at the time what "autism" meant. When she got older, however, she began to observe that others perceived that autism was a bad thing.

2. As an 8th grader, she wanted to enroll in honors classes in high school, but felt that she had limited support for this. She felt that many of her friends, teachers, and loved ones did not want her in honors classes because she was autistic. Brianna believes that this conflict in her life contributed to her becoming depressed.

3. With the encouragement of her therapist, she eventually discussed her goal of taking honors classes with her mother. The path was not easy and the deadline was past for enrolling in some of these classes--but with support and help, she made it happen!

This article is a great example of a teenager who 1) knows what she wants, 2) is willing to express her goals and seek support, and 3) be patient and remain committed as the path to her goal is cleared, with the help of others!

I am inspired by Brianna's story, and hope that you will be also!


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