College Goals

As you plan college visits, and take standardized tests, it can be helpful to clarify what you are looking for in a college by setting goals.

Here are some ideas for envisioning and committing to your #collegegoals!

1. Create a “college vision board" on Pinterest. You might include some of the following:

-campus pictures

-pictures of activities that you want to take part in during college: sporting events, concerts, community service projects, fraternity events, and sorority events are some ideas, and/or

-inspiring quotes or pictures

2. Write down your goals. Use the SMART guidelines for goal setting:

S- specific

M- measurable

A- achievable

R- relevant (why is this goal important to you?)

T- time-bound

-Share your goals with important people in your life: parents, friends, a coach, a school counselor, a teacher, etc.

-Keep reminders of your goals in places where you see these reminders frequently.

-Taking one step at a time is the way to achieve long-term goals. Divide and conquer!

If you want to read more about SMART goals, here is a link:

The GOALOOP button below enables readers to add our content to their goal page on GOALOOP is a great website and resource for collaboration centered on goals!

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