Parents Say: 

We are very excited about our daughter’s early acceptance to Yale; thank you again for all of your help. Two things really stand out to me as I reflect on your involvement with her college application process. First, I appreciate the time that you took getting to know Kristy, her strengths, and her goals. Taking that time to listen, and to get to know her from her junior year on enabled you to be very effective as you later helped with the application process. Second, having an excellent transcript and test scores is not nearly enough to get into the top schools.


I believe that your skill in helping Kristy to craft an overall application package that allowed her personality and spirit to come through made the difference between acceptance and rejection at her top choice school, Yale.

-Father of Kristy, who was accepted EA to Yale

Students Say: 

Thank you for your help and support throughout the admissions process.  Without you, I probably never would have considered Lehigh, and I would have missed an amazing opportunity!

-Nick, Lehigh Class of 2013

I came to Shannon blindsided by being deferred from my early-decision school with many applications to complete in ten days, and she made that highly stressful time period manageable and even enjoyable.  She was skillful and extremely knowledgeable, but also subtle; my fears about help with my applications making them not "my own" were entirely unfounded; she guided and advised me but always made certain that I was shaping my own work and conveying my personality in the most effective way possible.  

Her incredible expertise aside, what I enjoyed most about working with Shannon was that she became my ally in an isolating and confusing process.  I could not have found the confidence and support that I needed and that she gave me anywhere else.  I hold Shannon, both her skill and her supportive, genial manner, in the highest regard, and I have her to thank for acceptance to both of my dream schools.  

-Yale graduate


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